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Pinnacle hosted applications offer hotels proprietary cloud hosted solutions for voice
and data applications, PMS applications, disaster recovery applications plus
a full range of broadband and voice network connections services. 


Pinnacle Hosted Solutions Are Located On The Gannett Private Digital Network
Gannett Cloud

Incorporating nationwide Tier 3+ Data Centers, The Gannett Private Digital Network is renowned by network designers and operators for its advanced design and security. The network supports Gannett's 23 broadcast TV networks, 80 daily newspapers including USA Today, hundreds of websites, plus more than 100 Gannett digital business units, 2000 offices and +/- 30,0000 employees.  As a Gannett partner, only Pinnacle Communications can offer hotels the exact same level of advanced network features and security used by Gannett.  Just think about it, " your hotel's PBX system resides on servers only a few isles away from mission-critical servers that operate USA Today.

" It just doesn't get any better than that...!!"

After years of collaboration design, partnering and testing, Pinnacle Hosted Solutions is now offering hotels the most comprehensive and advanced 'Cloud Based' hosting solution available to The Hospitality Industry.


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Pinnacle HPBX Hosted Voice Solutions

HPBX   Hosted Voice Base Features

PDF Icon Download Hosted Voice Base Features Flyer "HERE"

HPBX   Hosted Voice Enhanced Housekeeping Features

PDF Icon Download Hosted Voice Enhanced Housekeeping Flyer "HERE"

HPBX   Hosted Voice Call Accounting Features

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Other Pinnacle Hosted Solutions

HPBX   Hosted Property Management System Features

PDF Icon Download Hosted Property Management System Flyer "HERE"

HNCS  Hosted Network Connection Services Features

PDF Icon Download Hosted Network Connection Services Flyer "HERE"

HVDR  Hosted Disaster Voice Recovery Features

PDF Icon Download Hosted Disaster Voice Recovery Flyer "HERE"